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Briefings & Workshops

Unit or On-site Briefings

Mob, Dep & SSO Specialists go “On the Road” 24/7 to units to assist in preparing Service Members and Families throughout the deployment cycle.  Briefings include but are not limited to:
  • Predeployment readiness
  • Rear Detachment Commanders training and assistance
  • Family Care Plans, required and nonrequired
  • Care Team Training
  • Care Team – The Commander’s Role
  • Coping with Deployment Stress
  • Children and Deployment

FRG Training

Visit the FRG website for training information.

MOB/DEP Ongoing Workshops 

Free child care may be available for one-on-one sessions and some of our daytime workshops. Please address this, when you call to make a reservation for a class. Children must be registered with CYS and you must contact Clarkmoor Hourly Care Center at 253-966-2491 to reserve a slot. If you are interested in a one-on-one class/workshop, please call one of the Mob/Dep Specialists to schedule an appointment.


  • Pre-Deployment
  • Children and Deployment
  • Care Team Training
  • Care Team – The Commander’s Role
  • Reunion Workshop
  • Emotional Cycle of Deployments
  • Pre-deployment Resiliency for Couples/Spouses 
  • Post-deployment Resiliency for Couples/Spouses

Register for upcoming workshops at

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Family Readiness Group Training

FRG Training is also managed by Mob, Dep & SSO. Visit the FRG website for training information.

Family Care Plans & Contingency Plans

Family Care Plan – Required by AR 600-20 Chapter 5:  Dual military with children; Single Soldier with children; EFMP concerns, etc.

Family Contingency Plan – Non-required Family Care Plan is for the use of a Soldier married to a civilian and who has children. We suggest all families discuss initiating a Family Care Plan in the event of a deployment, non-command sponsored tour, or extended TDYs. It is best to have a plan in place for the care of your children should a traumatic event take place when the Soldier is away, i.e. hospitalization of spouse. Who will legally take care of your children until the Soldier returns or the spouse is capable of caring for the children? The notarized documents would go to the proposed guardian, a copy would be kept by the spouse in a place that is easy to find and a copy may be given to the Command or Rear Detachment Command.  

OPREADY Materials & Other Resources

OPREADY Materials:

Deployment Cycle Readiness:  

Additional Resources:

Deployment Checklists/Forms:

Children and Deployment Resources:

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