Adventures Unlimited - McChord

Hours of Operation

Rental office closes 30 min prior to facility closure. Sat. hours for rental returns only.

Monday 9:30 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Tuesday 9:30 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Wednesday 9:30 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Thursday 9:30 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Friday 9:30 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Saturday 7:30 a.m. - 12 p.m.
Sunday Closed


739 Battery Road
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Your one-stop outdoor recreation headquarters on McChord for the rental of trailers, camping equipment, skiing, snowboarding and boating! 

Outdoor Recreation
Activities and programs are open to all patrons including those with disabilities or other special needs. Reasonable accommodations will be made so that those with disabilities or special needs can participate in our offered programs and activities. For information on reserving Overlook Park, please call us.

Our activities and facilities are for authorized users only, including active duty military, reservists, National Guard, Family members, military retirees and DOD civilians.

POV Resale Lot at McChord Field
To register your POV, trailer or boat for resale on our POV resale lot, bring proof of insurance and registration for the vehicle being sold. You can register for up to three weeks at a time. The fee for a car is $5 a week, $10 for a vehicle or item taking up 2 spaces and $15 a week for an item requiring our biggest spaces. You may pay weekly or for the whole time; however, if the item sells before the time is up on your reservation, no refund will be given.

RV Storage


Priority 1: Active Duty living on base

  1. Required to bring Title and ownership of RV or BOAT, must state active duty's name, and must provide a Welcome letter or lease agreement for on-base housing.

  2. All tabs and registration must be up to date.

  3. If you are claiming to live in "Barracks" or "Dorms" as a single Soldier or Airman. You must provide a letter from your Commander or First Sergeant stating proof of on-base living with an existing contact number directly to his secretary or himself to honor the letter.

  4. *Because of the limited spaces we have and to accommodate our active duty on base, these regulations must be enforced.

Priority 2: Active Duty off-base

  1.  Required to bring Title and ownership of RV or BOAT, must state active duty's name, and must provide a Welcome letter or lease agreement for off-base housing.

  2. All tabs and registration must be up to date.

Priority 3: Reservist/Retirees

  1. Required to bring Title and ownership of RV or BOAT, must state Reserve/Retiree’s name, and must provide a Welcome letter or lease agreement for off-base housing.

  2. All tabs and registration must be up to date.

Storage Rental Policy

  1. Minimum duration for storage is one month.
  2. Advance payment for the first month is required. We do not pro-rate for the month.
  3. Access to the storage facility is available 24 hours a day. Upon renting storage space, all renters are issued their own individual entrance code.
  4. Repair, maintenance or cleaning of storage item while in storage is not authorized.
  5. Stored equipment will be neat and tidy. No car parts, boxes or other items will be left on or around the stored item.
  6. An oil drip pan will be provided and maintained by the renter for all motorized equipment.
  7. All equipment stored must be mobile and all vehicles are required to have wheels (no junk recreational vehicles).
  8. Customers are not permitted to sleep overnight in our storage lot. Customer will lose the privilege of using the lot if this rule is violated.
  9. All paperwork must be completed before we issue the lock code.
  10. Please ensure that your vehicle does not go past the space size.  This will only cause damage to your vehicle as well as another at your own expense.
  11. Only one recreational vehicle per space is allowed. No other recreational vehicle is allowed in the space but the one listed in your file.
  12. All payments must be made before your next due date.
Equipment Rentals

Reservable items are marked with a bullet: • Regular Reservations: First night payment is required at moment of reservation. Rockwood Pop-up and 16' Jayco trailers require the cleaning fee deposit ($100) plus the first night payment at moment of reservation. Cancellations made 4 days or more before pick-up time will receive a full refund. Reservations, cancellations and amendments made on a federal holiday weekend (a weekend that coincides with a federal holiday) will be regulated by a holiday weekend reservation policy. Customers are required to pay for 100% of the reservation amount due at time of reservation. Cancellations made 4 days or more before pick up time will have a $10 surcharge per item per day. Cancellations made 2 to 3 days prior of pick up will only receive a 50% refund. Cancellations made the day prior or on the day of pick up will not receive a refund. It will be up to the manager or director to reimburse any payments due to special circumstances.The daily fee is based on pick-up one day, return the next day prior to the half-hour before closing. Closed days will count toward the rental. 

Camping Accessories

Item Cost
Axe, Wood (Hatchet) $3
Baby Backpack Carrier $5
Backpack, Day Pack $8
Backpack, Youth Day Pack $2
Backpack, Professional $15
Camp Chair, Small $2
Camp Chair, Folding $5
Coleman Stove, Propane, two-burner $10
Cook Kit (small) $3
Cook Kit (large) $6
Cot $5
Heater, Coleman $4
Lantern (battery) $3
Mess Kit $4
Sleeping Pad $6
Sleeping Bag $11
Sleeping Bag, 4-Season $13


Camping Tents

Item Cost
Backpack Tent (2–person)  $20
Dome Tent (3–4 person)  $20
Dome Tent (6–person) $25


Campers, Trailers & Services

Item Cost
• 16' Amerilite Travel Trailer $80
• Pop-Up Camper* $65
• Utility Trailer (open 5x8)* $35
• Enclosed Utility Trailer (6x10)* $40
• Enclosed Utility Trailer (7x14)* $50
Generator 3550 watt $45

*Towing equipment not provided with the trailer. Towing equipment can be rented: Stinger & Ball is $5/day flat rate. Adapters are $2/day flat rate.


Grills & Cookers

Item Cost
• Gas Grill on Trailer $75



Item Cost
• Dunk Tank $100
Hand Truck $5


Boats with motors

Item Cost
• 18' Hewescraft Sportsman w/115 HP $175
• 17' Lund ProSport w/115 HP $170
• 16' Lund w/25 HP $80
• 15' Skiff w/25 HP $75
• 14.5' Alumacraft w/25 HP $70
6 HP Outboard Motor $20
9.9 HP Outboard Motor $20

All motorboats come with a trailer and required safety equipment; PFDs, distress signals, fire extinguishers, oar, and a fuel cell as is.


Boats without motors

Item Cost
• Necky Kayak $40
• Nantucket Kayak $40
• Sit-on-Top Kayak $40
• Kayak Double Person $45
• Canoe (14' & 16') $40
• Kayak/Canoe Trailer $20
12' Rowboat (car top) $30


Fishing Equipment

Item Cost
Clam Gun $5
Clam Shovel $3
Crab Cage/Ring $8
Fishing Net $3


Aquatic Equipment

Item Cost
Personal Flotation Device–Adult $5
Personal Flotation Device–Youth $5
Personal Flotation Device–Child $5
Personal Flotation Device–Kayak $5
Knee Board Set (board, PFD, tow rope) $15
Stand-Up Inflatable Paddleboard $40
Water Ski Set (skis, PFD, tow rope) $15
Wake Tube Set (tube, PFD, tow rope) $15
Wake Board Set (board, PFD, tow rope) $20


Picnic, Party & Sports Equipment

Item Cost
Badminton Set (4 rackets, net, birdies, poles) $4
Balls (football, basketball, soccer, volleyball) $1
• Bounce House $175
• Folding Chair $2
• Folding Table (5' or 6' long) $8
Disc Golf $2
Ice Chest (large) $6
Ice Chest (small) $4
Softball Set (3 bats, 3 balls, 4 mitts, mask) $5
Softball Mitt $1
Tug-of-War Rope $15
Vacuum Jug (2-gal) $1
Vacuum Jug (3-gal) $2
Vacuum Jug (10-gal) $6
Volleyball Set in carrying case $5
• 10 x 10 EZ Up Canopies $45
• 10 x 20 EZ Up Canopies $75

Towing Requirments
Your vehicle owner’s manual provides towing weight allowance.
For the 16'–23' trailers:
• 3502/3723 gross vehicle weight
• Permanently mounted hitch
• Hitch height 15" to 22" off the ground
• Electric brake sending unit
• 7-way round connector

Camper and Trailer Ammenities 
All require propane — tank provided, but you must purchase your own propane gas.
Self-Contained Trailers: Kitchen w/sink, 3-way fridge, 4-burner stove w/oven, shower/tub/ toilet, W/S/E hookups, sleeps 4–8, air conditioning, cable hook-up, radio, microwave.
Pop-Up Trailers: Pop-ups have fridge, heat, 3-burner propane stove, sleeps 6 (4 adults, 2 youth), W/E hookups.

All equipment is restricted within Washington, Oregon and Idaho.

Reservations are made upon receipt of deposit totaling a full day of rental for watercraft, campers, trailers, dunk tank, grills, EZ Ups, tables and chairs. All other equipment is on a first-come, first-served basis. Rentals are based on time out, not time used.

Boating Requirments 

You must have a Washington state Boater Education ID card or equivalent in order to rent a pontoon, jet ski or motor boat. To obtain a Washington state Boater Education ID card, visit, register and complete the exam. Upon completion, print out the certificate and bring it or your permanent boater card to the office when you rent a water craft. For a Paddle Sport certification (canoe, kayak, stand-up paddleboards), visit http://www.

Winter Equipment


Holiday Park