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The U.S. Air Force Key Spouse Program is an official Air Force Unit Family Readiness Program designed to enhance readiness, personal/family resiliency, and establish a sense of Air Force Community. Key Spouses are commander-appointed and serve as a vital resource to command teams in an effort to support Air Force Families.

The mission of the Key Spouse Program (KSP) is to provide information and resources to military spouses, supporting families in successfully navigating throughout the military lifecycle.


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What is the Key Spouse Program

What is a Key Spouse?

  • Key Spouses are volunteer military spouses from within your unit who are trained and appointed by the unit commander.
  • They perform a vital communication role between unit leadership and its Families.
  • Key Spouses provide support to the Families of military members during times of need.
  • Key Spouses assist Families in finding available base & community resources to utilize.
  • Every Air Force unit on JBLM has at least one Key Spouse.

What can I expect of my Key Spouse?

  • Listen when you need to talk.
  • Be non-judgmental.
  • Connect you to community information, volunteer opportunities and referral services.
  • Help your Family prepare for separation due to deployment.
  • Provide a Peer-to-Peer support system on handling military life experiences. They know what it’s like. They’ve been there.
  • Serve as a vital link in exchanging information between unit leadership an your Families.

How can I contact my Key Spouse?


Click here to see our Key Spouse Brochure

Become a Key Spouse

Interested in Becoming a Key Spouse?

  • See your unit First Sergeant or Commander or call +1 (253) 982-7027.
  • Key Spouse Training & Information
  • For Key Spouse training information, please contact your Key Spouse, your unit First Sergeant or call +1 (253) 982-7027.


Tools and Resources

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