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Soldier & Family Readiness Groups (SFRG)

SFRGs are command-sponsored programs to help build strong Families and bridge the gap between Families and units.

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About the SFRG

What is a Soldier & Family Readiness Group (SFRG)?

SFRGs promote the commander’s vision throughout the unit’s mission, assist Families in becoming knowledgeable and self-reliant, and solve problems at the lowest level by:

  • Providing official, accurate command information

  • Advocating efficient use of community resources

  • Reducing soldier and Family stress


How can I contact my SFRG?

  • Ask your spouse or someone in your spouse’s unit
  • Contact the Command Family Readiness Representative at your unit
  • Locate the unit’s (Brigade/Battalion) Facebook page and request SFRG contact information for your unit
  • Ensure that your unit SFRG roster contains your current mailing address and telephone number
  • Send us an Email
SFRG Training

SFRG Training & Information

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The following SFRG training is offered through JBLM DPFR:

  • Command Family Readiness Representative (CFRR) Training
    All CFRR Classes are in-person
    This class is designed to instruct the appointed Service member on the roles and responsibilities of being assigned the additional duty of "Command Family Readiness Representative" while working with the Commander and SFRG. Topics covered in this training include:

    → WAR Roles:
    Welcome new Families and Soldiers because first impressions matter
    • Accurate Contact Rosters (Great information is only effective if Families get it!)
    • Resource referral and reliable unit & community Information
    → SFRG's role in readiness
    → Establishing goals for your SFRG
    → Roles and Responsibilities
    → CARE Team Overview (SCFRR role)
    → Informal Funds / Fundraising

    2021 Schedule:

    Location: Waller Hall (10 people maximum per class)
    Time: 9:30 - 11:30 a.m. 

    Dates: Jun. 16  | Jul. 14 | Aug. 18 | Sep. 15 | Oct. 13 | Nov. 10

  • SFRG Advisor Training
    SFRG Advisors are spouse or Family member volunteers who remain connected to
    the unit's family members and serve as the primary advisor to the unit commander regarding Family Readiness, issues, climate, etc. SFRG Advisors are critical in maintaining positive communication and connecting with unit Families. Topics covered in this training include:

    → WAR Rules: Define & elaborate on how to execute at the Company level
    → SFRG's role in readiness
    → Establishing goals for your SFRG
    → Roles and Responsibilities
    → Roles of the SFRG in traumatic situations
    → Resources overview (including the Family Advocacy Program)
    → Fundraising (brief overview)
    → Scenario based exercise

    2021 Schedule:

    VIRTUAL (Two 1.5 hour sessions)
    Time: 9:30 - 11:30 a.m.
    Location: Online via Zoom
    Dates:  Jun. 29 & 30 | Aug. 31 & Sep. 1 | Nov. 30 & Dec. 1
  • SFRG Key Contact Training
    Provides attendees with resources and scenario exercises to become confident when interacting with SFRG members.

    2021 Schedule:

    IN-PERSON (One 2 hour session)
    Location: Waller Hall (Max. 10 people maximum per class)
    Time: 9:30 - 11:30 a.m.
    Dates:  Jul. 12 | Sep. 11 | Nov. 11
  • SFRG Funds Custodian Training
    Provides regulatory guidance and fundraising information necessary to maintain efficient records for an SFRG informal fund.

    2021 Schedule:

    IN-PERSON (One 2 hour session)
    Location: Waller Hall (Max. 10 people maximum per class)
    Time: 9:30 - 11:30 a.m.
    Dates: Jul 7 | Aug. 11 | Sep. 8 | Oct. 6 | Nov. 24
  • SFRG Training for the Command Team
    Available upon request

For more information, or assistance in registering for a class, please call 253-967-8546.

Volunteer With Your SFRG

Interested in Becoming an SFRG Volunteer?

SFRGs are always looking for great volunteers to fill positions.  Ask your unit leadership where you can help. It’s as simple as that!

files2.pngSFRG Resource Library

The sections below contain a collection of tools to help you build and sustain a strong Soldier & Family Readiness Group.  Click the title of any document to view or download it.            

Commander's Corner
Event, Meeting & Member Management


The tools listed below are to help manage functions critical to SFRG Operations, such as meetings, rosters, and events.


Membership Management



Informal Funds & Fundraising


Commanders may authorize their SFRG to maintain one informal fund for non-mission-essential activities in accordance with this directive. No more than one SFRG informal fund may be authorized for a unit. 

SFRG fundraising will be approved at the battalion level (or equivalent), after consultation with the local ethics counselor. A copy of the approval (memorandum or email) will be forwarded to the garrison commander

Informal Funds Resources




A unit's virtual FRG site, or vFRG, promotes a community feeling within Army units by providing a place that  contains content customized to the unit.

For Users

For Administrators

More Community Support