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2021 New Year's Greatest Loser

Note: This event has already passed.

Enter the New Year’s Greatest Loser starting January 7, 2021 for the chance to improve your health and win a Mirror with a 1-year subscription and an Apple Watch 6! Register by emailing: For more information, check out the Facebook event page.

Contest Rules and entry information

Contestant Eligibility

  • Must have authorized access to JBLM
  • Must be 18+ years of age to enter
  • Must have access to digital scale
  • Must have access to mobile device with camera and ability to email from device.

Contest Entry

•Entries must be emailed to and contain all of the below to be considered valid. Once entry is accepted you will receive a confirmation email and contestant #.

•Initial starting weight entries will be accepted JAN 7.

Body of email must include:

First name, last initial, contact phone number, starting weight

Video of contestant standing on scale:

Short 4-10 second video showing scale reading 0, contestant stepping onto scale, and then clearly displaying weight.

Must be digital scale, placed on hard surface, clearly displaying scale reading

*The video can not be taken prior to JAN. 7

Tips for video submission

  • Use a phone stand or create one from objects
  • Use same location for every submission
  • Use phone internal timer to capture (most smartphones have this option now)
  • Well lit area away from walls
  • Taken at a downward angle
  • Keep same clothes for final entry submission

Video submission example.

Taken on mobile device only

Strictly unedited no editing of any kind permitted to include cropping/filters/etc. *If the video is edited any way entry the entry will be rejected and we will request a resubmittal. 

Emailed directly from device

Free of all obstructions and potential items/persons that could interfere with scale reading

Shows all hands and feet

Bi-weekly virtual weigh in’s will require the same format & submitted no later than:

JAN 21, FEB 04, FEB 18, MAR 4, MAR 18, APR 1.

*Subject line must include “New Year's Greatest Loser weigh-in (date)”

Final weight submission by APR 7 and must follow the same format (in same clothes as initial submission) 

All video submissions are subject to review and validation ensuring integrity.  If your email does not meet above requirements, a return email will be sent with details of corrections needed.


  • 1st: Mirror Co with 1 year subscription and Apple Watch 6 ($2,028)
  • 2nd: Rower and Apple Watch 6 ($1,210)
  • 3rd: Apple Watch 6 ($315)