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Home-Based Business

Home-Based Businesses are important contributors to JBLM quality of life – new changes to procedures make it easier and quicker to gain approval to operate an on-base HBB.

HBBs allow families to work from their JBLM homes, developing rewarding careers that follow them through PCS moves. The wide span of HBBs operated by JBLM families includes:

  • Retail sales
  • Car detailing/service
  • Hairdressing and hairstyling
  • Pet grooming and pet sitting
  • Massage therapy
  • Cottage foods: These are foods that are not potentially hazardous such as baked goods, candies, jams, jellies, preserves, fruit butters, dry spice blends, or dry tea blends.  (Foods containing meat and/or dairy products are strictly forbidden to be sold from an HBB.)  To sell cottage foods from an HBB requires obtaining a Cottage Food Permit through the Washington Department of Agriculture ( and registering as a cottage food operator through EHS (as part of the HBB application process).  Questions? Please contact Madigan Environmental Health Service at 

HBB owners need to obtain approval from the garrison commander or senior commander. We’ve recently streamlined the process to make it quicker and easier.

Not everyone who works from home operates an HBB though. If you work remotely from your home, you probably don’t need approval. Other examples of businesses that don’t need approval are:

  • Bookkeeping and tax preparation
  • Personal training conducted outside the home
  • Photography, graphic design and advertising services
  • Tutoring and music instruction
  • Entertainment or travel planning
  • Housecleaning and lawn care
  • Selling items from multi-level marketing companies


Home-based business approval is quick and easy!

The new standardized application streamlines the approval process.  Of course, installations are still required to adhere to local and state laws and regulations regarding home business operations, so check into those, too. 

If you operate an HBB on base and aren’t yet approved, now’s the time to get official.

Here’s the process:   

Step 1:  Email for an application. 

Step 2:  The application process includes visiting and obtaining approval from installation agencies like the housing office and community housing manager. The application should identify the agencies, but ask your DHR representative if you have questions. If you need any additional documentation (like licensing or certifications), get that, too.

Step 3: Once you’ve completed your paperwork, submit the application to your DHR Employment Readiness Program representative. Keep a copy of the completed application for your own records.

Within 60 days, you should get a notification of approval. Simple!

  • Moving your HBB from another installation? If you were approved there, the process is even easier! Contact us for details.
  • New guidance directs installations to “find a way to say yes” to HBB owners – so we’re prepared to make this easy for you.
  • Official on-base offerings from AAFES, the Commissary and MWR no longer consider HBBs competition, and you don’t have to gain their approval.
  • Operating an HBB from your JBLM home without approval can violate HBB policy and get you in trouble.

For questions call the DHR Employment Readiness Program at (253) 477-9675.

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No base access required. Bring your resume and transcripts or applicable certifications. On-the-spot interviews! Selections made the same day! 

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MWR Job Fair

No base access required. Bring your resume and transcripts or applicable certifications. On-the-spot interviews! Selections made the same day! 

Apr 11 8 am - 2 pm

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