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The MWR Marketing office can be reached at +1(253)967-5200.

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The Commercial Sponsorship & Advertising team can be reached at +1(253)966-2256 or +1(253)967-7942. Email:

About Family and MWR

Family and MWR is a network of support and leisure services designed to serve the needs, interests and responsibilities of each individual in the JBLM community, as well as enhance the quality of their lives. From family, child and youth programs to recreation, sports, entertainment, travel and leisure activities -- Family and MWR employees worldwide strive to deliver the highest quality programs and services at each installation. Family and MWR helps ensure JBLM readiness by caring for the people who serve and stand ready to defend the nation.


Eligible Patrons  

Authorized patrons include active-duty military personnel and their family members, activated Reservists and Army National Guard members, retired military personnel, civilian Department of Defense (DoD) personnel, foreign national employees assigned and working directly for the DoD and DoD contractors working full-time on the installation.

Expanded Patronage 

The following categories are eligible to use certain MWR retail activities, including: entertainment, clubs, recreational lodging/resorts, bowling, golf, restaurants, equipment rental, vehicle storage and kennels.

  • Purple Heart recipients
  • Former prisoners of war
  • All veterans with service-connected disabilities
  • Individuals approved and designated as the primary family caregivers of eligible veterans enrolled under the Department of Veterans Affairs Program of Comprehensive Assistance for Family Caregivers.

For a complete list of MWR patronage authorization reference the Patron Eligibility Criteria Table 7-1 (Page 51). Expanded patronage fact sheet.