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Combat Biathlon

  • Open to active duty Service members, cost: $10.

  • Participants can sign up for event on or complete registration on-site the day of. Participation in event will earn Service members 10 points for their unit in the Fields of Friendly Strife Commander’s Cup.​

  • Participants who do not already have firearms registered with JBLM, will be allowed to register their firearm on-site at the designated area (C-5 Mock Up) with the assistance of DES.​

  • Registration and competition is for handguns and rifles only.​

  • Participants must bring their own weapon, ammunition, eye/ear protection​. Eye/ear protection will also be available for purchase on-site.​

  • Participants will undergo a safety briefing of event that occurs promptly at 0900. Failure to complete the safety briefing will result in disqualification from participating in the event.​

  • Participants will load weapon, shoot five rounds at a target, unload weapon, carry weapon with them and cross E Gate Rd., complete run route (down and back) returning to range area, load weapon, and take five final shots at target, unload weapon.​

  • Participants will be timed from the start of their initial shot taken to the time they unload their weapon after final shots.​

  • The participants with the fastest shuttle run times and closest shot groupings averaged together will win awards; Categories: Male/Female 1st, 2nd, 3rd. Shooting/Tactical Prize packages awarded for top Male/Female categories.​

  • Range Control Officer will observe and verify weapons are unloaded anytime weapon leaves range area. ​

  • Scoring will be based upon time to complete course as well as accuracy of first and final shots.​

  • Top participants will be recognized and receive additional points towards the Fields of Friendly Strife Commander’s Cup (1st=7, 2nd =5, 3rd=3).​

  • Magnum calibers are not authorized for use in this event.​