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The Department of Defense offers EFMP Resources, Options, and Consultations through Military One Source 24/7.

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About EFMP

Why does EFMP exist?

To support an all-volunteer force and their families by ensuring Family members’ medical and educational needs are considered each time they process for an assignment where Family member travel is authorized at Government expense and related services are available within the local commuting area.

Who is eligible?

Spouses and children of Service Members (Active Duty, USAR, AGR, Title 10, Title 32) from all branches of services, who have medical conditions (physical, emotional, developmental, or intellectual) which require specialty care and also those who have special education needs.

What does EFMP do?

DoD EFMP Required Actions: Medical enrollment (DD Form 2792) signed by physician.  Medical and Educational Enrollment (DD Form 2792-1) signed by a school for those who have an Individualized Education Program (IEP). Educational Enrollments are always and only considered for OCONUS.

Installation EFMP - Family Services: Offers specialized support to EFMP families on and off base with access to care, school support with special education and accommodations, federal and state benefits i.e. Social Security and Medicaid waivers for respite, inclusive and specialized recreation opportunities. 

When is EFMP Required?

DoD EFMP Required Actions: Renew Enrollment every 3 years, for new diagnosis, if a change is needed to housing accommodations, specialists, and/or how often. Disenrollment may occur for divorce (court order provided), a child is no longer DEERS recipient or in the home, or when ongoing healthcare and/or school special education services are no longer required. 

EFMP Family Support Services:  Services are elective and may be accessed at any time.  Service members are invited during in/out processing to provide their Family POC contact information to offer specialized support.  

Where can I find EFMP Services?

DoD EFMP Required Actions: Military Treatment Facility, Madigan Army Medical Center Tower for Army and McChord Clinic for Air Force. 

EFMP Family Support Services: Directorate of Personnel and Family Readiness for all branches (formerly known as Army Community Service and Armed Forces Community Service).

All Locations & Contacts

EFMP Family Support Locations

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EFMP at the Service Member & Family Assistance Center (SFAC)

· 9059 Gardner Loop  (Lewis-Main) | Phone: +1(253)967-7166

EFMP at McChord Field

· Bldg. 100, COL Joe Jackson Blvd. (McChord Field) | Phone: +1(253)967-7166
· Thursday & Friday only for this location

Center for Autism Resources, Education and Services (CARES)
- JBLM CARES is the DoD's first Autism Center -

· Bldg. 6993 Jackson Ave. (Lewis-Main) | Phone: +1(253)967-7166
· By appointment only


EFMP Medical:


Family Member Travel Screening
Air Force Family Member Travel Screening
  1. All steps identified and processed in Q-Base

Army Family Member Travel Screening - Overseas Screening
  1. Soldier receives levy packet from HRC, identified for potential overseas assignment.
  2. Soldier completes levy packet with unit S1.
  3. Unit S1 provides paperwork to Waller Hall.
  4. Waller Hall initiates Travel screening process with MAMC EFMP office.
  5. MAMC EFMP office contacts Soldier .mil email to initiate the overseas screening.
  6. Travel screening will be completed virtually.
  7. MAMC EFMP conducts Travel screening to include a detailed review of medical records (family members seen outside of MAMC will be asked to provide records).
  8. EFMP enrollment will be initiated or updated during this process when indicated.
  9. In rare cases, screening will not be able to proceed without a physical exam

EFMP Reports for Units (per ALARACT 35-2011)



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