Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP)

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Waller Hall
2140 Liggett Ave.
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Military DSN Tel:

The Department of Defense offers EFMP Resources, Options, and Consultations through Military One Source 24/7

Assignments & Requirements available via the Medical Treatment Facility (MTF) EFMP @ Madigan Army Medical Center & McChord Clinic.

Family Support Services are through the Directorate of Personnel & Family Readiness (DPFR/AFCS/ACS) EFMP @ Waller Hall.

The Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) provides comprehensive support to family members with special needs. EFMP takes an all-inclusive approach to coordinate military and civilian community, educational, medical, housing, and personnel services to help Soldiers and their Families with special needs.

An Exceptional Family Member is a Family member with any physical, emotional, developmental, or intellectual disorder that requires special treatment, therapy, education, training, or counseling, and meets the eligibility criteria. 

Soldiers* with Exceptional Family Members are required to register for EFMP and keep enrollment information current. This way, Family needs will be considered during the OCONUS assignments process.

If you’re eligible for EFMP services, Family members must be screened and enrolled when they accompany authorized Soldiers on OCONUS assignments. Screenings include medical records review for all Family members and developmental screening for all children aged 72 months and younger.

For more information about EFMP, contact the EFMP point of contact through your nearest Army medical treatment facility.

*Who must enroll in the program?

      (1) Active Army

      (2) U.S. Army Reserve (USAR) Soldiers in the Active Guard Reserve (AGR) Program

      (3) Army National Guard (ARNG) AGR personnel serving under authority of 10 USC and 32 USC.

Department of the Army civilian employees do not enroll in the program.

You must identify dependent children with special education and medically related service needs and, Family members with medical needs each time they process for an assignment to a location outside the United States, where Family member travel is authorized at government expense.

Child Care & Respite Care

Child Care On Base

Child & Youth Services Registration (Child & School Age Care, Hourly, Sports, SKIES) 

Child Care Off Base

ChildCare Aware (Military Fee Assistance)

Respite Care Military Programs

Army EFMP Respite Care: +1(253)967-7166
Air Force EFMP Respite Care: +1(800)424-2246
Tricare ECHO Home Care & Respite

Respite Care Civilian Programs

Developmental Disabilities Administration 
Easter Seals Washington
Catholic Social Services

Education (IFSP, IEP, 504, IPE)


Education Directory for Special Needs 0 to 21 by State
Early Support for Infant and Toddlers (IFSP)
Transition Planning Youth to Adulthood
Individual Plan for Employment (IPE) for 13+ & Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR)
WA Code for IEPs (Adopted federal legislation, IDEA)
DoED - 504 Guidelines
504 Accommodations for SATs
Wrights Law
Direct Steps


WA Parent Training Information Center:


Federal & State Benefits


Social Security FAQs
ABLE Accounts tax-advantage savings for Disabled 
Military Survivor Benefits Plan (SBP) for Incapacitated 
Military SBP Annuity to Special Needs Trust (SNT) ​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Free phones for SSI, Medicaid, food stamps, VA pension, or VA survivor recipients


Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) Medicaid waiver, income waiver, disability only
DDA Eligibility
DDA - How to Apply


Recommended sites from Seattle Childrens

Center for Children with Special Needs, Seattle Children’s Hospital
Family Doctor, American Academy of Family Physicians
Kidshealth, by Nemours Center for Children's Health Media
Medline Plus, National Institute of Health, US National Library of Medicine
Health Information Translations
I-LABS, 20 min child development modules by UW Institute for Learning & Brain Sciences


Madigan/Genesis Patient Portal YouTube Tutorials


Tricare West HealthNet Federal
Tricare US Family Health Plan
Secondary Dependency-Incapacitated (Keeping Tricare for 21 yo)
Medicaid WA Apple Health (Secondary Insurance)

Recreation (inclusive/specialized)

Upcoming JBLM EFMP Events

Military-Connected Programs

Special Olympics on JBLM (CYS Sports 253-967-2405)
JBLM Outdoor Recreation

Civilian-Connected Programs

Safety Planning

Emergency Preparedness Fact Sheets Topics A-Z (8 languages)
Safety Planning & Emergency Checklist
Make a Plan
JBLM Alert Messages
Local Alert Messages
Medical Identification
Locating Devices
Safety Classes, Local Area (CPR, First Aid)
Safety Classes, JBLM (CPR, First Aid): +1(253)967-5335
Cyber Safety  (Developmentally age-appropriate)


Arc of Washington
Exceptional Families Network
Informing Families
Pierce County Coalition for Developmental Disabilities (PC2) 
PAVE Community Inclusion (Pierce Co.
PAVE Community Inclusion (Thurston Co.
South Sound Autism Partnership
South Sound Parent2Parent (Thurston, Mason, Gray Harbor counties)
Washington State Father’s Network


JBLM GO Transit (Free daily shuttle, ADA options)
Disabled Parking - Placards
Pierce County Transit Shuttle (Door to door)
Thurston County Transit (Door to door)
Travel beyond 100 miles (Tricare Prime Reimbursement)

EFMP Required Actions & Contact

Assignment Coordination, Enrollment & Disenrollment 

MTF EFMP Army POC: Madigan Army Medical Center
MTF EFMP Air Force POC: McChord Clinic: +1(253)982-3350 
DD Form 2792, Family member Medical Summary
(for Enrollment/Disenrollment)
DD Form 2792-1, Special Education/Early Intervention Summary
(for Enrollment/Disenrollment)

PCS Checklist & Overseas Screening

Army PCS Checklist POCs
Air Force POC: +1(253)982-3350

EFMP Reports for Units (per ALARACT 35-2011)

OIP Checklist
Guide: EFMP Report Datastore (eMILPO) 
Guide: EFMP Report MEDPROS

EFMP Support Services & Contact

Contact Us

Schedule an Appointment 


  • EFMP in Waller Hall (Bldg. 2140, 2140 Liggett Ave.) on JBLM Main
  • EFMP at McChord Field (Bldg. 100, 100 Col. Joe Jackson Blvd.) on McChord Field
  • CARES (Bldg. 6993) by appointment only