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RV Storage

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 JBLM has eight storage lots with covered and uncovered storage spaces available to rent on a monthly basis for privately owned recreational vehicles. The outdoor storage facilities are all secured with locked gates and are accessible to registered customers 24 hours a day. Eligible vehicles include trailers, camper trailers, motor homes, RV vans, fifth wheels, pick-up campers and boats. Registration and cancellation for any storage spots must be done in person.

For more information, call Northwest Adventure Center at +1(253)966-7971 | +1(253)967-3295 or send us an email.

Storage Lot application

Adventures Unlimited: Located at 739 Battery Rd., McChord Field; 47 total spaces, including 24 covered spaces.

Main Street Lot: Located across from Army Museum on Lewis North; 156 total spaces, including 28 covered spaces ranging from 20’ to 45’.

H Street Lot: Active-duty only lot. Located at the corner of H St. and 24th St. on Lewis North; 215 total spaces, ranging from 20' to 45'. All uncovered. 

Auto Storage: 29 spaces. Located near DuPont Gate at Lewis Main; covered, uncovered and indoor spaces ranging from 15' to 40'.

Stable Storage Lot: Located off of Main Street on Lewis North near community gardens and horse stables; 171 total spaces ranging from 25’ to 40’. 

Band Storage Lot: Located off Plant Road adjacent to the I Corps Band building on Lewis North; 57 total spaces ranging from 20’ to 35’.  

McChord Field Lot:  Located off South Gate Road on McChord Field. 347 total spaces ranging from 20’ to 45’. 

Logistics Storage: 136 spaces. Located at 9646 Prescott Ave. at Lewis Main. This location has both indoor and outdoor storage lots. The outdoor lot has 112 total spaces and is accessible 24/7 for current patrons. The indoor storage is open Wednesday – Saturday from noon to 5 p.m. Three days’ notice is required to remove items from indoor storage.


Monthly Fees
Rental Space Size E1-E4 E5-O3 O4+ All Others: Retirees, DOD Civilians, Reserves & Veterans
20' & under uncovered $55 $60 $65 $70
21'-30' uncovered $60 $65 $70 $75
31'-39' uncovered $65 $70 $75 $80
40'+ uncovered $70 $75 $80 $85
20' covered $80 $90 $90 $95
40' covered $115 $125 $125 $130
Eligibility & Priority

Storage spaces are available to DOD ID cardholders only. Priority for storage space rentals is as follows (highest priority listed first):

  • Active duty living on-base (must provide documentation from JBLM housing) 
  • Active duty living off-base
  • Retirees/reservists
  • DOD civilians
Registration Information

Once contacted by Outdoor Recreation, customers have two business days to respond and confirm/deny the offered space. Customers then have two business days to complete the registration process in person at Northwest Adventure Center. If no response is received within two business days, Outdoor Recreation will proceed to the next person on the waitlist. The applicant that failed to respond will be moved to the bottom of the list. 

Patrons must disclose proof of current insurance, vehicle ownership documentation, driver's license and state vehicle registration information. Insurance, registration and tabs must be kept current at all times.

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