Financial Readiness Program (FRP)

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Monday 7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.
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Wednesday 7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Thursday 7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Friday 7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.
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Financial Readiness Program Overview

Our purpose is to provide services that support commanders in maintaining unit financial readiness to sustain deployments and to counsel and educate Service members and their Families on financial self-sufficiency.  This is accomplished through prevention education, one-on-one counseling sessions, and support services

Learning new money management skill sets or improving upon existing money management techniques will enable Service members to become financially independent, which is achieved by living within one’s means, having emergency savings set aside, setting and meeting personal financial goals, and planning for retirement through the use of the Thrift Saving Plan or other investment products.   

For information, to make an appointment, or to register for class, call 253-967-1453.

JBLM FRP Brochure

Financial Readiness Classes & Briefings

Financial Classes and Briefings

In addition to prevention education, FRP services include assistance with developing and sustaining a debt reduction plan, credit report review and repair, developing a monthly budget and spending plan, learning to recognize and prioritize spending, consumer advocacy, and assistance with handling consumer complaints to obtain an equitable resolution.  Financial education is taught through briefings and classes in the units, at FRG meetings, and special events.  Scheduled classes that emphasize the importance of managing personal financial affairs are also taught throughout the month. These classes include, but are not limited to:

  • Money management, decreasing debt, budgeting and spending plans
  • Checking account principles and maintenance , identity theft and consumer scams
  • Lending practices, including home loans, car loans, student loans, personal loans, and credit cards
  • Effects of bad credit versus good credit, credit reports and credit scores, car and home buying


Financial Counseling Services

FRP Counseling Services

Our FRP Specialists also provide specialized classroom instruction to Service members who have been assigned to JBLM as their first duty station out of basic training or AIT.  Spouses are also welcomed and encouraged to attend these classes with their Sponsor. 

Service members and Families anticipating PCS relocation, deployment, marriage or divorce, or who are expecting to increase their family size could benefit from the various classes offered or making an appointment with one of the Certified Financial Counselors for an individualized financial counseling session. DoD civilian employees and retirees are also welcome to use the services provided by the FRP Specialists.  

To find out more about our services or to make an appointment with one of the Financial Counselors, please call 253-967-1453.


Thrift Savings Plan and the Blended Retirement System

Information on the Thrift Savings Plan and the Blended Retirement System can be found at the links below:



To view additional videos about the Thrift Savings Plan, click HERE

Military Saves Month & AER Campaign

April is Military Saves Month!

Military Saves is a campaign coordinated by the nonprofit Consumer Federation of America (CFA) and is dedicated to helping Service Members and their Families save money, reduce debt, and build wealth. Keep an eye on our Social Media pages for more information closer to the event!
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AER Campaign (Mar. 1-May 15)

AER provides interest-free loans and grants during times of distress, as well as scholarships for spouses, surviving spouses and children. Contributions can be made via Personal Check, Allotment, Cash, and via Credit/Debit Card. All contributions are tax-deductible.

Visit to contribute or for more information. Call 253-967-9852 for information about JBLM AER Campaign activities.