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Parent Central Services offers walk-in registrations weekdays from 8-11 a.m. and registrations by appointment only, weekdays from 1-4 p.m.

Monday 8 a.m. - 11 a.m.
1 p.m. - 5 p.m.
Tuesday 8 a.m. - 11 a.m.
1 p.m. - 5 p.m.
Wednesday 8 a.m. - 11 a.m.
1 p.m. - 5 p.m.
Thursday 8 a.m. - 11 a.m.
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Friday 8 a.m. - 11 a.m.
1 p.m. - 5 p.m.
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To access services in CYS, registration at Parent Central Services is a requirement and must be renewed annually.

Enrolling in child care at JBLM is as easy as 1-2-3. Families seeking child care, should:

  1. Sign up at

  2. Call Parent Central Services (+1(253)966-2977) for a registration appointment.

  3. Keep your MilitaryChildCare waitlist requests active every 30 days.

Eligibility & Accessibility


In order to register with CYS, you must have a valid DOD ID card and fall into one of these categories:

  • Active duty Service members.
  • DOD civilians.
  • DOD contractors.
  • Reservists on active duty or in active duty personnel training.
  • Retirees*
* Use is limited to youth center and sports per CYS operations manual. 

CYS facilities are located across the installation for JBLM Families from infant through high school. Child care is offered at centers and certified homes across the installation. 
Recreational opportunities include seasonal youth sports, sports camps and youth-centered special events.

For child care and youth services, there are military benefits on-base and off-base. Centers have a sliding scale based on total Family income, and all fees are subsidized by the government up to 60%.

Registration Checklist

​​​​​​What you need to bring:

  1. DOD ID card.
  2. Contact information for home and work.
  3. Two local emergency contacts.
  4. Shot records.
  5. Deployment orders, if applicable.
  6. One LES or paystub or proof of full-time-student (only if enrolling in full- or part-day or before- and/or after-school care)
  7. CYS Youth Program Registration & Sponsor Checklist


What we’ll review at your registration appointment:

  • All CYS programs specific to your child’s age.

  • Health screening to ensure your child’s safety and any special accommodations.

  • Household review to ensure privacy and to complete accurate fee assessments.

Frequently Asked Questions

What services does CYS provide?

  • Full-day child care.
  • Part-day preschool.
  • Strong Beginnings pre-k program.
  • Hourly care and Kids On Site.
  • Before/after-school programs and seasonal camps.
  • Open recreation for teens.
  • Sports and sports camps.

Who may use services in CYS?
Active duty, reservists on active orders/training orders, DOD civilians and DOD contractors (carrying a CAC card); eligibility determined by AR 608-10, 1-6.

What is available to me if I am retired?
CYS sports and the middle school/teen program. Child care and school age centers are not permissible per AR 215-1, 7-1.

If I have questions or concerns, who may I contact?
Please contact Parent Central Services. Drop by one of our offices (locations and hours above), email or call +1(253)966-2977. We respond Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.–5 p.m. 

What full-day or before- and after-school child care is available?
You have three viable childcare options:
1. Family Child Care (licensed contractors in on-base homes).
2. On-base child care centers.

May I see a child care center before I decide?
To protect the safety of children in our programs, you’ll need to show your government ID and sign a visitor log. Then, you’ll receive an escorted tour. We highly recommend you contact the program ahead of time.

Where do I register?
Before visiting a Parent Central Services location, we recommend you visit for a registration appointment. Plus, check out the Registration Checklist above to ensure you have all needed paperwork with you.

Why may I register only at Parent Central Services?
Per regulation and to uphold the Privacy Act, all financial information for the sponsor is only held at Parent Central Services and not in the programs. Parents have access to their child’s file in the programs; however, only sponsors have access to financial information.

How much does it cost to register?
Registration is free.

How often do I register and why?
Registration must be completed annually, per AR 608-10. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act requires release of information annually. This requirement is attended to with our health screening tool. The Department of Defense requires an annual fee contract.

How do I enroll in sports and hourly care?
If you’re currently registered at JBLM, go to, visit Parent Central Services's Lewis and McChord locations or call +1(253)966-2977.

When do I need a sports physical?
Sports physicals are required annually and must be valid through the sports season. They are required for seasonal competitive sports and the youth fitness program.

How often do I have to complete a health assessment?
The health assessment is due every three years unless there are changes in your child’s medical condition before then. The health assessment is required within 30 days from the
date of registration. Completed forms may be turned in at any CYS location.

Are immunizations required to register?
Yes. To prevent communicable diseases, CYS follows the Centers for Disease Control’s immunization schedule per AR 608–10. All immunizations must be current.

What if my child needs a special accommodation?
A special need is a medical, developmental or behavioral condition identified and validated by a licensed independent practitioner. It is initiated through the completion of a health screening tool during registration at Parent Central. Every child will receive a recommended care plan based on the information presented from the Special Needs Accommodation Process Team. This team is a group of representatives from the Exceptional Family Member Program, CYS and Army Public Health Nursing who work on behalf of Families to determine the safest, least restrictive and most appropriate placement.

How much is child care?
Both on-base and off-base child care are determined using total Family income defined in our annual fee policy. All fees are subsidized. Family Child Care providers determine their rates. Fee Chart (effective 01 FEB 2019).

When may my fees be lowered if my situation changes prior to registration renewal?
Fees can be immediately adjusted when there is a loss of employment or reduction of income. Bring current LES and/or proof of change to Parent Central Services; or, if you are separating from your spouse, bring court-filed separation documents and current LES. If you are separating from your spouse, you may change sponsorship as long as you’re eligible to be the sponsor.

Do you use curriculum at CYS?
Yes. CYS fosters the development of children and youth, birth through 18 years of age. Teachers provide an environment that combines the use of space, materials, experiences, daily routines and interactions to enhance development. Children and youth need consistency and interaction with caring adults to feel safe and secure and to develop a positive image of themselves and others. Home-like environments provide for their comfort, health, safety and well-being. A variety of activities and programs is provided.
For infants through preschool-age, some interest centers could include:

  • Dramatic play or quiet individual play.
  • Creative art, discovery centers and table toys.
  • Writing and books.

Routine schedules for children need to include meals and rest times and adequate time for indoor and outdoor play.


What type of program and activities are offered for school-age youth?

  • Gaming.
  • Foosball, bumper pool and air hockey tournaments.
  • Arts and crafts (sewing and knitting), photography and digital arts.
  • Science and nature (animal caretakers).
  • Homework lab/Power Hour.
  • Reading club, cooking club, step club, Lego club and drama club. Plus, skits, plays and choir.
  • Sports and fitness activities, playground and field.
  • Passport Promise and Character Counts.
  • Clay tech, construction and woodworking.

What types of programs and activities are offered for middle school students and teens?

  • Leadership activities (Torch Club, Keystone Club, Career Launch, Money Matters).
  • Girl & Guy Talk (high school and middle school separate activities).
  • Sports club (basketball, dodgeball, pickleball, volleyball, etc.).
  • How-to projects (drama, cooking, woodworking, sewing, plays).
  • Hands-on art club.
  • Power Hour (homework/tutoring).
  • Technology (photography, robotics, navigation, etc.).
  • Leisure activities (pool, air hockey, foosball, ping pong, video games).
  • Special events and field trips (dances, lock-ins, ski and snow trips, etc.).

Are your programs licensed?
Through annual inspections of CYS sites, the Department of Defense certifies our programs. Child Development Center and School Age Centers are mandated by law to be accredited by national accrediting agencies. The accrediting process ensures military CYS programs remain the benchmark for the nation.

When do I need to turn in vacation credits or withdrawals for full-day and part-day programs?
As stated in the program agreement, please provide two-weeks’ written notice for vacations and withdrawals.

How old does my child have to be to begin kindergarten?
Washington state requires children to be 5 years old on Aug. 31 of the school year to be eligible for kindergarten.

What are some services of the School Support Services office?
The team in the School Support Services office provides information, makes referrals, educates Families and offers personal support regarding local school and your child's education. For assistance, call +1(253)967-7195.

I have questions regarding WTB, medical retirement and survivor benefits. Where do I get information?
Call the CYS Service member and Family Assistance Center Liaison at +1(253)967-6936.

Parent Participation

Parent-volunteers with the Child & Youth Services Parent Participation Program may earn a reduction in childcare fees. Read the frequently asked questions below, and refer to the chart on the reverse to find out how you can volunteer your time. If you still have questions, please call +1(253)966-2977.

How do I earn points for the Parent Participation Program?
Parents who volunteer with CYS in a variety of ways may earn points toward a fee reduction based on the number of hours volunteered. See the Participation Opportunities chart on the reverse.

How much time do I have to spend in a program to earn a point?
Points may be accrued in half-hour increments and logged on the Parent Participation Sign-in Sheet; however, participation will be recorded by the hour.

How many hours do I have to volunteer to receive the discount?
Parents may earn a fee reduction for volunteering a minimum of 10 hours, generally in their child’s program.

How long can I accumulate points?
Participation points may be accumulated from month to month until the parent earns 10 points to receive a 10-percent reduction on one month’s fee for one child. I earned 20 points this month, and I have two kids. May I use 10 points for both? If a parent has earned 20 points, the 10-percent fee reduction may be applied to one child for a two-month period or for two children during the same month.

Do I need to have a background check to be able to volunteer?
Parents who participate in the program are considered intermittent volunteers and do not need to have a background check; however, parents must sign the gratuitous service agreement.

I have another child but I want to volunteer. Do I receive childcare while I am volunteering?
Parents will not receive free childcare for siblings during the time they’re participating in a classroom or program activities for an enrolled child. Parents who require childcare for other children should make arrangements for Hourly Care.

I'm a CYS employee. Can I still participate in this program and earn a fee reduction? CYS employees may volunteer in the Parent Participation Program during non-work hours performing activities not a part of their normal work-related duties.

Parent Participation Program Opportunities
Category (CYMS code) Activity examples Point values
Program evaluation (PE) ICYSE, accreditation or MAC Plan team assistance; completion of selected surveys such as COA, NAFCC or NAEYC Accreditation * 1 point per hour spent or 1 point per completed survey
Parent education (ED) Attend parent education session or PAC meeting * 2 points per parent education session or PAC meeting (For officers, additional point per hour spent in preparation of the agenda as well as meeting attendance)
Community or special events (EV) MOMC programs, seasonal parties (assisting in some way; doesn’t include points for attendance alone). May coordinate a volunteer effort or work a shift at a community event, function or production * 1 point per hour of time spent
Classroom activities (CA) Participation in program activities — i.e., Family Child Care home, child development center, schoolage center or middle school/teen facilities; participate in field trips; assist with lunchtime; share talent or assist with homework * 1 point per hour of time spent
Program-wide projects (PWP) Repair toys and equipment; prepare newsletter; laminate classroom or program materials; assist in parent resource area; assist in maintaining staff or parent libraries; assist with curriculum or 4-H; create bulletin boards * 1 point per hour of time spent
Individual projects (IP) Make games, record book on CD, create prop boxes, sew or make classroom materials * To be determined in advance; range is 1–3 points per project. Consideration given to time spent.
Other (O) Events include Parent Advisory Board meetings. To be determined


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