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SFRGs, Booster Clubs & Private Orgs

JBLM MWR has myriad ways for groups to get involved in basewide events and programs.

Opportunities are available to SFRGs, Booster Clubs and registered Private Organizations. By attending an upcoming event, you'll not only highlight your individual group but help enhance the JBLM community and MWR events. SFRGs, Booster Clubs are also invited to  operate concession stands at many seasonal programs.

The Outdoor Recreation Program has four FRG Rental Packages (grills, tents, tables, chairs) available by reservation.

For more information on how to register as a Private Organization and what opportunities are available, email, call 253-966-2092 or visit the Private Organizations webpage.

We look forward to partnering with you!

Process to sign up for Partner with Us Opportunities:

  • Contact the Private Organizations Manager at to sign up.
  • Read and sign the Partner with Us Memorandum of Agreement. Once completed, please return to MWR.
  • If volunteering, hours need to be logged into VMIS. If you need to register as a volunteer, please contact the Installation Volunteer Corps Coordinator.
  • Fundraising Opportunities: Private Orgs are required to report fundraisers to the Private Orgs Manager. SFRGs are required to report fundraisers to DHR.
  • Fill out the appropriate EHS Form (below)
  • After completing the form, submit here NLT 7 days prior to the event.
  • All participants are required to have a current food handlers’ certification. This can either be obtained through Washington State or Environmental Health at JBLM.
  • Please have a printed copy of all food handlers’ certifications and approved request from Environmental Health with you at the event.



Partner with Us FAQ

Q: What training is required to sell food?

A: All participants need to have a current food handler’s certification. This can be obtained through the state, or for free through Environmental Health. Training will also be offered during the information brief in April.

Q: What forms are required to sell food?

A: The EHS forms must be completed and submitted NLT 7 days from the event. (See links to forms above).  

Q: Does MWR provide any equipment?

A: Groups are responsible for providing their own equipment. However, equipment may be rented through MWR. (Is there a link for equipment rental that could be added here?).

Q: Can we sell our own merchandise in addition to concessions?

A: Groups are not authorized to sell their own merchandise.

JBLM Airshow & Warrior Expo FAQ

Q: What will I be doing?

A: Volunteers are expected to prepare and serve food items, receive funds, give change, restock the stand, etc. Volunteers must be 18 years old or older.

A: Upon signing up, your organization will be in charge of assigning a Manager and Assistant Manager for your booth. Managers and Assistant Managers must be the same for both days. You will receive a date and location from MWR to attend the JAWE information brief and determine what items your organization will be selling.

Q: What is required of the Managers and Assistant Managers?

A: Managers will be required to arrive at 0630 to be issued change funds and count inventories before stand volunteers arrive. They will also be required to count change funds and inventories at the end of the day. Managers and Assistant Managers are expected to be on-site for the duration of each day. Managers and Assistant Managers will be expected to track all workers for his or her assigned booth and ensure the required personnel attend required training sessions, in addition to communicating the times, locations and duties  given to all assigned workers. Additionally, Managers and Assistant Managers will be responsible for ensuring assigned workers take breaks throughout the day.

A: Stand selections are assigned based on the number of volunteers registered and the days in which volunteers can work. Actual food items an locations are determined by the concessionaire.

A: Volunteers should plan for a 10 hour day(0800 – 1800) considering 1 hour for setup, 1 hour for tear down, and 8 hours for the show. The exception will be the Stand Manager and Assistant Manager will be required to arrive at 0630 to be issued change funds and count inventories before stand volunteers arrive. They will also be required to count funds and inventories at the end of the day.

A: All food will be supplied by the concessionaire, who is contracted by DFMWR. DFMWR will assign a Project Manager to support any related questions and ensure all volunteers are comfortable with all required tasks.

A: TBD. Please contact MWR for more information.

A: Location of your booth will be given to you at the information brief.

A: No. Booth locations have been pre-determined. A drawing will be held at the information brief to determine what items each organization will be selling.

A: 10% of the gross sales of the concession booths have been paid to the organizations and then divided by the number of shares. Each organization then received shares equivalent to the number of volunteers that worked in the stand.

A: All food stands will be set up and ready to operate upon arrival to your assigned booth. It will be the responsibility of each booster club to work with the Master Concessionaire for inventory pickup and cash to operate. The Concessionaire shall provide all supplies (including ice), food items and non-alcoholic beverages to be used in concessionaire booths. Volunteers will be required to restock concession stands throughout the day to ensure an adequate stock is on hand at all times during the hours of operation. Additionally, general housekeeping and cleanup of the booth is expected while operating the booth.

A: All participants are required to have a current food handler’s certification. This can be obtained through the State or Environmental Health on JBLM. The class will also be offered at the information brief in April. The Stand Manager and Assistant Manager must attend the information brief to receive training on policies and procedures from the concessionaire, Fire Prevention, Public Health, and other agencies. Training should last no more than two hours. Stand Managers are expected to inform the rest of the organization of the items discussed.

A: Make sure to plan appropriately as weather can get hot in July. We recommend comfortable clothing (knee-length shorts and t-shirt or polo). Please make sure you wear closed-toed shoes. Personal water bottles are strongly encouraged.

Location/Event Opportunity Date/Days of Week/Times Site Location
Lewis North Athletic Complex; Concession Stand Operate concessions: ice cream, snacks, drinks.* During scheduled high-attendance  games 17th and I St., Lewis North
Run to Remember Concessions tabling opportunity May 26

Lewis North Athletic Complex

McChord Pool Concessions tabling opportunity Saturdays & Sundays beginning Memorial Day
(weather dependent)
McChord Pool
Outdoor Rec Expo Concessions tabling opportunity June 10 Shoreline Park
Food Trucks & Fireworks Concessions tabling opportunity July 4 Cowan Stadium
JBLM Airshow & Warrior Expo Work concessions booth July 15-16 McChord Field
Beach Bash Concessions tabling opportunity Aug. 26 Summer Cove


* Facility use deposit required: $150