Commander's Cup Swim Meet

Note: This event has already passed.

Date: Nov 5 2019 - Nov 6 2019

Intramural Sports - Cowan Stadium 2170 Bitar Ave, 12th St Joint Base Lewis-McChord 98433 Google Map

Attend the JBLM Commander's Cup Swim Meet November 5 & 6!

The swim meet is open to only Active Duty military personnel, Army / Air Force Reserve and National Guard service members assigned or attached to JBLM. Each team will compete with their unit. 

Coaches meeting will be held Tuesday, Oct 22 at 1 pm at Soldiers Field House. Coaches are required to attend.  

The sign-up deadline is 1500 on October 29. 

Call 253-967-6420 for more information.

SUBJECT: 2019 JBLM Commander Cup Swim Meet

1.          Purpose: To provide the operational procedures for the Commander Cup Swim Meet


2.          Objective of the Program: To promote unit morale, Esprit de Corps, teamwork, physical fitness and to develop leadership and sportsmanship


3.          Division Structure: Each Major Support Command will be registered in one of the following divisions:

7th ID

Independent League

593rd ESC




4.          Eligibility and Participation:

a.       Active duty military personnel, Army / Air Force Reserve and National Guard service members that are assigned or attached to JBLM.

b.       Team rosters will be unlimited. Roster must be official documents, not able to be edited, and signed by the Commander or First Sergeant of the battery / company / squadron.

c.       Alpha roster / AAA-162’s must be turned in with the LOI to the Intramural office by 29 October 2019 at 1500.

 d.      Units will play in their respective Company or Squadron. In the event a unit does not have enough interested individuals to field a team for a particular sports season, personnel from that particular unit may participate on a team within the parent organization. 

a.       For Example; if Alpha Company does not have enough members, they may play as a Battalion, providing AAA-162’s for A Co, B Co, and C Co that they are pulling additional players from.

e.       Team participants may enter a maximum of four individual events and two relays. A unit may enter two relay teams per event. An unlimited number of team members may participate in the same individual event.


5.          Rules of Play: The meet is conducted under current United States Swimming Rules and as amended by JBLM Sports, Fitness, & Aquatics Branch.

a.       An unlimited number of team members may participate in the same individual event.

b.      Team standings will be determined by the places of the team swimmers from each event. Individual event points will be awarded as follows: Individual events: 7, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Relay events receive double these point values. Each team member must compete, without being disqualified, in one heat to earn these points. High team score will determine place position.

c.       All swimmers will be competing together. A separate heat may be held for the women in there are more than two female swimmers in the event.

d.      All team or individuals must register by 1500, 29 October 2019.

6.          Events: The schedule of events is as follows:

·         200 M Freestyle

·         50 M Backstroke

·         100 M Individual Medley (1 length each stroke), in this order: butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle)

·         100 M Breaststroke

·         50 M Butterfly

·         100 M Freestyle

·         200 M Medley Relay (4 swimmers, 2 lengths each stroke), in this order: backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly and freestyle

·         200 M Individual Medley (2 lengths each stroke), in order: butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle

·         100 M Backstroke

·         50 M Breaststroke

·         100 M Butterfly

·         50 Freestyle

·         500 M Freestyle

·         200 M Freestyle Relay (4 swimmers, 2 lengths each)

7.          Equipment: Competitors should report with swimsuit and towel. Extra towel and goggles are recommended.


8.          Sportsmanship: Swearing and abusive remarks by anyone to include coaches, players and spectators is not allowed and will be penalized accordingly.

a.       Team member, captain, coach, spectator or the entire team may be asked to leave the playing area if displaying unsportsmanlike conduct or abusive language.  Any contest may be forfeited by the official and/or supervisor of the activity when a team, a team participant, captain or coach exhibits unsportsmanlike conduct or disruptive behavior during the contest.  Team captains or coaches may be warned prior to forfeiting the contests; however, it will be at the discretion of the officials to forfeit that contest if deemed necessary to avoid a violent confrontation.

9.          Coaches Responsibilities: During league play, the coach is responsible for ensuring that the conduct of the team is in accordance with these by-laws and the rules of good sportsmanship.


10.      Coaches Meeting: A mandatory representative meeting will be held on 22 October 19, 1300, Soldiers Field House, to discuss the following: rules, procedures, strokes, and turns. The teams Letter of Intent and Alpha Roster / AAA-162’s must be completed and turned in NLT 1500, 29 October 19 to the Intramural Sports Office at Cowan Stadium. Individuals entering the meet must fill out an entry form in order to compete and the team representative should attend the mandatory meeting.


11.      Awards. The Joint Base Lewis-McChord Sports, Fitness, and Aquatics Branch will provide team awards for first through third in the team competition. Individuals will be awarded medals as the top three finishers in each division, in each event as well as high point male and female.


12.  Protests: A protest must be presented to the event POC at the time of the incident. Protest will include specific player being protested, situation, email, phone and POC for response. The event POC will make a call at the time of situation or will bring it to the Intramural Coordinator for further assessment. If further assistance is required contact the Intramural Sports and Race Coordinator, Billy C. Womble. Contact at or at (253)966-1156


13.  POC for this event is TSgt Lockart, Michael, Intramural Sports Coordinator. Contact at or at (253)967-6420.