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NAF Retirement Timeline Process

NAF Retirement Forms Checklist:

  • SF 1199A Direct Deposit Form
  • W-4P
  • Explanation of Benefit options
  • State Tax withholding
  • DA 3715
  • U.S. Army Retirement Plan Option Selection

FY 24 Holiday and DONSA schedule | FY 24 AMC Family Days

eOPF - Appropriated Fund Employees (Must view from DOD networked computer)

eOPF - Non-Appropriated Fund Employees (Must view from DOD networked computer)

CHRTAS - Apply for Training (Must view from DOD networked computer)

Workers Compensation Information

Army Civilian Personnel Online

Civilian Personnel Advisory Center

DFAS myPay

NAF Employee Handbook

Epay Timesheet Submission

Time & Attendance SOP

Leave WithOut Pay Guidance | LWOP Form

Defense Civilian Personnel Advisory Service

Dual Appointment Employee information

Reasonable Accommodation Process - Info

Parental Bereavement Leave Guidance

Pregnant Workers Fairness Act (PWFA)

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Civilian Employment Assignment Tool

The Army Non-Appropriated (NAF) Civilian Employment Assignment Tool (CEAT) enables many current NAF employees to voluntarily request a non-competitive transfer to another Army installation where the same position may be available. 

What is CEAT?
CEAT is a program that allows many current Army NAF employees to voluntarily request a non-competitive transfer to another Army installation where the same position may be available. Transfer requests are only authorized from one Army installation to another Army installation or a Joint Base if it is serviced by Army NAF Human Resources.

CEAT applies to NAF employees in the following categories:

  • Child and Youth Program Assistants (CYPAs) 
  • NF-03 and below
  • NAF FWS – NA, NL, and NS pay bands

Can I stay employed with Family & MWR when the military moves my Family?
Yes! Eligible employees can now request a transfer to another installation through CEAT. But you can use CEAT for any reason, not just a PCS. 

How does CEAT work?

  1. Inform your supervisor of your intent to relocate and request leave without pay as applicable.
  2. Complete the CEAT transfer request form with your supervisor or Human Resources Office (HRO) (if not relocated).
  3. Complete the CEAT transfer request form with the gaining HRO if relocated to the new duty location. 

Do my background checks follow me to my new location?
Yes. When you accept a position at a new location without a break in service of more than 24 months, your previous background checks will be verified by the gaining servicing NAF Human Resource Office (HRO). If the last background checks are over 24 months old, consult your HRO.

Do I have to resign before moving?
No. CEAT allows you to continue with Family & MWR without a break in service. Even if it takes a little while to get settled, you’re authorized one year leave without pay to look for a job.

Are there any other eligibility requirements?
Signing up for the transfer is voluntary. If you had a performance evaluation of “Satisfactory” or higher and no disciplinary/adverse actions within 12 months of initiating the transfer request, you are eligible to register. Employees with disciplinary/adverse actions that are under appeal are not eligible to request transfer through CEAT until the appeal is resolved. 

Ready to register for CEAT?
Completion of the following questionnaire will indicate your desire to transfer. If you submit data in error, please contact your servicing personnel office. Thank you for your continued interest in Army CYS!

Next steps:

Additional Videos and Tutorials:

CEAT Orientation for Employees:
MilSuite - requires CAC authentication
YouTube - for off-network viewing

Professional Development

School for Family and MWR
Team MWR employees receive structured, progressive and sequential professional development and customer service training. It’s all designed to improve your experience with Army MWR. Create an account or log in today to see the latest class offerings.

What professional development classes would you like us to find for you or your team? Let our Workforce Development Team know what kind of professional Development or training you would find to be most beneficial. Provide your input here!: Recommendations for Classes and Trainings

Anti-Terrorism Lv1–  (type: “antiterrorism” on the search bar)


Ethics – ALMS




Career Programs >Career Fields
Career Programs have grown into Career Fields. See the chart showing the new organization of Career Fields. For more information regarding your Career Field, visit Army Career Tracker to connect with your community, or contact the POC for information. Army Career Tracker:

Army Expeditionary Civilian Workforce
The Army Expeditionary Civilian Workforce has deployment opportunities available for current, permanent Army civilians.  These deployments offer career broadening experience at a level and scope that is difficult to match in a non-deployed setting.  It is the chance of a lifetime to truly make a difference and to contribute in a meaningful way in direct support of our soldiers. Please contact JBLM Workforce Development for more information regarding eligibility and how to apply. 

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NAF Personnel Services
Learn more about your comprehensive and competitive benefits.

Health Insurance
Looking for information about your NAF health care plan? Learn more about your health benefits plan with DOD NAF. Resources include a library, informational videos, preventative medicine list, Docfind, and a variety of other online resources. Visit the site today.


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